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    To review qualifying membership, refer to our website for a detailed list

    How to join NWCCU:

    1. Complete the following online Membership Application Request Form and submit when complete.
    2. Upload a copy of your valid Driver’s License or Government Issued ID, by secure e-mail, “Send Secure Document”. For joint account, joint owner must upload a copy of his/her valid ID.
    3. Once the Government issued ID and Membership Application are received, we will send you the pre-filled application for signature. Your signature will be recorded electronically.
    4. A $10 required minimum deposit is required to fund your savings account. Accounts not funded in 30 days will be closed. Complete the Funding Membership section to process the required minimum deposit.

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    Funding Membership

    • I, hereby authorize Northwest Community Credit Union (NWCCU) to initiate a one-time debit entry to my account(s) at the depository financial institution named above. I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my account must comply under the rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and with the provisions of U.S. Law. Authorization will require funds to be available in the account to allow reasonable time for processing on the requested date. Entries returned due to non-sufficient funds may be charged a fee, as set forth in NWCCU’s Fee Schedule. This authorization will remain in full force and effect until NWCCU has received funds be applied directly to the share account.
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