....Payette River Community CU is now part of Idadiv Credit Union....

Your accounts have been added to the Idadiv Credit Union Home Banking System.
(the login is in the upper right corner of our home page)

Your account should be accessible by 9:00am on November 1, 2013.


Your membership/account number has been changed to 16XXXXX.
For example, account number 1 would now be 1600001 and account number 12345 will be 1612345.

When logging in to your account for the first time at Idadiv CU, you will need to:
  • Login using your NEW account number (see above).
  • Add your email address when prompted. If you already have an email address in the PRCCU system, it must match (and you can change it once you're in if you'd like to).
  • Your password will not change. Use the same password you used in the PRCCU system.
  • You will be prompted to add a 'Confidence' word, and three security questions. You should remember the answers to these questions.

That's it! You will have access to all the information you had in the PRCCU system plus some great new features. As always, if you are having trouble accessing the system, just Let us Know and we'll be happy to help!

NOTE: If you arrived here using a bookmark or Favorite, please change it now as this page will be deleted soon.